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To ensure the beauty, strength and durability of your project, we use only best-in-class products: Dryvit ®, Quickrete, Holcim and Plastic Components.

Dryvit ®  EIFS Systems

To be the favored commercial EIFS Contractor in Charleston, we use Dryvit’s Outsulation systems to create high performance, energy code-compliant building exteriors in many building types.

Outsulation ®  – An exterior insulation and finish system with continuous insulation.

Outsulation ® Plus MD  – An exterior insulation and finish system with passive moisture drainage that incorporates continuous insulation with an air/water-resistive barrier.

Outsulation ® HDCI – The most durable continuous insulation system available today.

Outsulation ® LCMD – For light commercial construction, this mechanically fastened exterior insulation and finish system offers five different assemblies (Systems 1-5).

Dryvit ® Stucco Hardcoat Systems

CCP1 – Fiberglass Reinforced Portland Cement Plaster Applied to Concrete or CMU

CCP2 – Fiberglass Reinforced Portland Cement Plaster Applied to Metal or Wood Framed Walls

CCP3 – Fiberglass Reinforced Portland Cement Plaster with an Air/Water-Resistive Barrier and Flashing System

CCP4– Fiberglass Reinforced Portland Cement Plaster With an Air/Water-Resistive Barrier, Flashing System, And Fiberglass Mesh Reinforced Leveling Coat

Dryvit ® Water-Resistant Barrier

No short cuts here: using Dryvit in Charleston effectively requires air and water vapors.

Backstop ® NT – A high performance, polymer-based, non-cementitious water-resistive membrane and air barrier

When you combine superior products with our superior work, the results speak for themselves. Choose Stucco Construction of South Carolina to complete your project with outstanding service and the finest systems available! Contact us today!

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